Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ligon Duncan (b. 1960)

Photo of Ligon Dunan
Ligon Duncan

I think our fundamental problem is that we are all idolaters. And when it gets down to it—that is the temptation of the Garden. The serpent looked at Eve and Adam and said, ‘God is not worth living for.’ And every single one of us has that play out every day. A person can say, yes, all of this Bible and Christianity stuff is nice, but the place where I’m really going to find joy is in my ‘fill in the blank.’ Whatever you think is going to give you ultimate satisfaction in life is what you worship. And so the real challenge as you share the gospel is to let people know that God is the ultimate joy and treasure and satisfaction and delight in life. If you don’t have Him, nothing else matters because nothing else measures up and nothing else can last (As Quoted in Mississippi Christian Living, April 1, 2014). Added 12/20/2014

Grace is not an argument against the obligation of obedience. Grace is the means by which we are enabled to obedience! In an age allergic to words like "duty," law," "authority," "ought," and "must," Gods Words are good medicine. We, like Israel, have grown very comfortable with the unrighteousness and irreligion of our own age. We need to hear both of the grace and the demands of the covenant (Source Page on Web was Removed). Added 11/29/2012

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